Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can't I add my data to the database myself?
Imagine if you put all your time and energy into entering data into the database, then someone else came along and changed your information that you had just added. By only allowing one person the ability to change the information there is a better sense of data integrity. If you send me the data I will add it.

What if I find information that I know is wrong?
This will certainly happen. Keep in mind that there is a lot of information in the database, eventually you will find information that is incorrect. When you do find incorrect data, please e-mail me and send me the correct information along with documentation of where you found the correct information. Without documentation I will be unable to change the data. Imagine if you submitted some information that you know is correct and someone else asked me to change the information without any proof. This will help with data integrity.

I sent sumitted my information, but I do not see it online yet. When will it be posted?
Keep in mind that this is just a hobby, I also have to work for a living and am a full time dad! I also maintain a second database and am in the process of writing a book. I will get to it as soon as I can.

Why don't I see the pictures posted that I sent to you?
Picture are a wonderful enhancement to the website, however they also take up alot of room on the server. Right now we are limiting the pictures to just one picture of an individual, preferably a portrait. Only pictures of deceased individuals can be posted.

I found some confidential or person information in the notes, what should I do?
Personal and confidential information do not belong in the notes, however, due to the importing of my database, which is 26 years old, I was not able to clean up all the notes. Please let me know immediately and I will remove the information from the notes as quickly as possible.

Why does this site cost money?
I wish I did not have to charge anything, however the cost of the server, the renting of the domain name and the cost to upgrade the program cost more than I am able to afford. BUT by dividing up this cost between all the subscribers, we are able to keep this database at a pretty good rate.